Country Overview for International Students

“Full of snakes and spiders, but also beautiful beaches and work opportunities!

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Important facts for international applicants.

Country interesting facts.

Main AU Industries.

Fun facts about Australia you probablu didn’t know.

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Important facts for international applicants


Almost 26 million people live in Australia, and 30% of them were born overseas.

Post-study work Rights

International students pay higher fees than locals. However, upon graduation, international students get post-study work visas for 2-4 years, making it possible to stay and look for jobs in Australia

Unemployment rate

The current unemployment rate ranges between 4 and 6%, which indicates a healthy economy!


The country offers several good scholarships covering tuition fees

Work while studying

Both international and local students can work part-time while studying in a full-time higher ed programme. Partners of international students might work full-time in certain cases. 20.33 AUD per hour is the min hourly wage

How expensive is it?

1,800 AUD per month is what you can expect to spend in Australia as a student

Interesting facts about Australia


According to U.S.News & World Report, Australia is the world’s fifth most liveable country and is home to people from all over the world. Its caring community is what truly makes it a great place to live. Australia consists of 8 states with a unique mix of environments, cultures, and rhythm

Main AU industries


Mining, Resources & energy




Consulting and Stratgey




Information and Communication Technology

Fun facts about Australia you probably didn’t know

Australia is the only continent without an active volcano because the area does not have any plate boundaries

The Australian government has contributed more than $300 million in overseas student scholarships. In 2019, Australia awarded over 3,000 Australia Awards scholarships and short courses to students from more than 55 countries

The Australian Government has also provided a variety of support and flexibility options (for visas, for example) to assist onshore students in dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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