What We Do at RBS Intellect

The team at RBS Intellect focuses on improving results in student acquisition, student retention, market development, and cost reduction in various operational areas of the higher education sector.

Collaborative Service Approach

TNE Partnership

Consulting and acting on behalf of education institutions to support Transnational Educational Partnerships

Digital Sales & Marketing Support

Work to increase the digital awareness for institutions in Asia Pacific and CIS region.

Student Recruitment

Supporting to bring temporary / long term partnership capability to hire best possible salesperson in various countries or act on behalf of Institutions

Sales Performance Review

Supporting and working along sales team to improve partnership experience. Introducing multidirectional thinking approach in managing agency recruitment network.


Teams in South Asia, CIS & Russia, ASEAN, and Latin America.


More than a decade of expertise in management, sales, and marketing for the higher education sector.


Access to recruitment partners, service providers, and freelancers across the world.

Our Services

International Marketing Strategy

We learn from your current business processes, share our knowledge, and develop short-term and long-term plans to increase revenue.

Global Representation

Gain access to our reliable partners in South Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. We create partnerships for you, so you retain full control over your student pipeline. Our team works alongside your team.

Recruitment Partner Network

We build and train your recruitment partner network and provide ongoing support at the same time. We ensure that your recruitment partners follow industry best practices.

Market Research

Using our industry research experience, we help you choose which markets to focus on.

Global Advertising

By using global partners, our advertising costs are nearly 50% lower than typical marketing expenditures.

SMM Support

With the help of industry partners across the globe, we work to provide the best possible outcome for your digital marketing budget.

Telesales & Marketing Funnels

We reduce the cost of acquisition, which leads directly to providing the best possible partnerships and use of technology to make your business profitable.

Institutional Partnerships

With the help of our global team and network we work continuously to increase the visibility of your brand and form institutional partnerships.

Content Marketing & SEO

We help you generate original content and increase organic search results which significantly supports the overall recruitment cycle.

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