Cookie Policy

1. General Matters

1.1. This Policy defines the procedure for processing and storage of Cookie files (hereinafter – Data), established by the Operator:

RBS International Limited trading as RBS Intellect, NZBN: 9429041241868, 65, Bramley Drive, Farmcove, Auckland, 2012, New Zealand

Appeals to the Operator on the processing and protection of Data may be sent to the e-mail address [email protected].

1.2. This Policy applies to all websites and Internet pages located at the domains rbsintellect.com

1.3. Data processing is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the country of registration of the Operator, other applicable laws and regulations, as well as this Policy.

1.4. The operator has the right to adopt other local regulations governing the processing and protection of Data by the Operator and third parties.

1.5. Use of the Site or any other action on the Site by the User, including the first opening of any page of the Site in a browser on any device of the User shall mean acceptance of the terms of use of the Data by the User.

1.6. Use of the Site, including its viewing and search for information is possible only in case of full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of use. If the User disagrees with the terms of use of the data, the User is obliged to immediately stop using the Site.

1.7. The User may mean any individual who uses the Site in accordance with its functionality.

2. Cookie Processing

2.1. A Cookie is a file that contains text information and is stored by the web browser when User visits the Site, which allows the website opened in the browser to save and determine the Internet activity of the User.

2.2. The data is used to ensure the operation of the Site, track the movement of Users on the Site and save authentication data. The following types of cookies may be used on the Site:

– Direct cookies, which are generated directly by the Website, as well as third-party cookies created by other web sites.

– Mandatory cookies that are necessary to ensure the correct operation of the website.

– Monitoring cookies, which store information about the operation of the website, including the number of visitors, time spent on the Website, error messages.

– Functional cookies that improve the operation of the website by remembering user preferences, including language, regional or other settings.

– Advertising cookies that allow personalized advertising.

2.3. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted when the browser is closed. Permanent cookies remain on the device until they are deleted manually or automatically by the user’s device.

2.4. The Site may contain and use web beacons and similar technologies, which is a transparent 1×1 pixel image that is placed on the Site or in an email and helps to analyze user behavior.

2.5. Cookie files may be used for authentication purposes, but under any circumstances cookie files shall not include personal data and are never used to identify a personality of a user.

2.6. Some cookie files may be processed with the participation of external services and third parties (information, advertising, analytical partners), which may process and combine cookies collected on the Site with other information provided by the User and/or collected from other websites.

3. Consent to Data Processing

3.1. The use of the Site implies the full and informed consent of the User to the processing of Data by the Operator in the manner and under the conditions established by this Policy.

3.2. If the User refuses to grant the right to use the Data by the Operator, the User has the sole right at any time to change device and/or browser settings and disable the possibility of using Cookies and other data about the User, as well as configure other parameters for using the data on his browser and/or device.

3.3. Data collection and processing are carried out automatically when using the Site.

3.4. The consent applies to any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, distribution, transfer (including cross-border), blocking, removal and destruction.

3.5. In the browser settings, the User can set notifications about the processing of Data or completely prohibit their processing. At the same time, disabling cookies may affect the correct operation of the Site.

3.6. The site uses session and permanent cookies. Session cookies are stored temporarily and are deleted when the browser is closed. permanent cookies are stored after the end of the session and are processed until the user’s consent to the processing of Data is revoked.

4. The Purpose of Data Processing

4.1. The data is used to monitor traffic, analyze site usage and improve site performance.

4.2. Users should take into account that third parties may use cookies collected on the Site for other purposes, such as setting user preferences when using other sites, displaying the most relevant advertising, evaluating the activity of advertising campaigns and tracking user actions on other sites. The operator is not responsible for the actions of third parties when using Data on third-party sites.

4.3. The operator does not use automatic decision-making systems when processing cookies on the Site.

5. Data Transfer

5.1. The processing of cookies on the Site may also involve the processing of such files by third parties in the case of integration of site services with third party services and sites.

5.2. To determine the terms and conditions of data processing by third-party sites and services, the User must directly contact the relevant data operators.

5.3. The Operator has the right to integrate third-party services on the Site, as a result, the processing of the collected cookies will be carried out by third parties in the manner and on the terms determined by such parties.

5.4. In connection with the above, the processing of cookies may be carried out outside the user’s country.

6. User Rights

6.1. The user has the following rights in the field of Data protection:

– receive information about the processing of the cookies on the Site by the Operator.

– demand the modification of inaccurate cookie files of the User.

– require the deletion of cookies of the User.

– restrict cookie handling if it is technically possible and, if permitted in accordance with applicable law.

7. Final Provisions

7.1. The operator has the right to update the cookie Policy at its own discretion.

7.2. All changes will be applied after the publication of the new version of the cookie Policy on the Site.

7.3. This policy only governs the processing of cookies and does not address the processing and protection of personals data. The terms and conditions for the processing of personal data are set out in the relevant policy of the Operator.

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